Dr. Manisha has been of immense help in treating my breast infection. Her methodological approach helped in finding the root cause of this infection which I had been battling for a long time. Can't thank her enough for all the help and support and would recommend to all the mommies to visit her at the beginning of their breastfeeding journeys....Read More

- Anisha Malhotra

I was referred to her by my pediatric. I went to her with low lactation issue and kudos to her for listening to me so patiently. She taught me a few techniques and overall I had a turnaround in my feeding experience. Every mom who has even slightest of an issue should visit and get advice....Read More

- Sonal

I was referred to her by my friend. She is one of very few well knowledgeable and trained lactational consultant. A very patient listener. At every step from diagnosis to management she guided me through articles, evidence and latest protocols. Thanks to her my breastfeeding journey has been very comfortable....Read More

- Dr. Rachana Deshpande

Dr. Manisha is by far one of the best doctors I've met. I went to her with problems of blocked ducts, severe nipple vasospasm associated pain and soreness when my child was 40 days old. An extremely patient listener, she allowed me to narrate my history in detail and also observed a whole feeding session and examined my child's mouth before coming to a conclusion. Then came detailed counseling and helping me achieve the perfect latch along with perfecting feeding in different positions. Her positivity, kindness and encouraging nature is unmatched. Within few days of that appointment, my symptoms were much less and today, after more than a month of that day, I can say I'll be forever indebted to her for helping me in my journey to exclusively breastfeed. Thank you Ma'am!!...Read More

- Karishma Chawla
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