I, Mrs. Vidya Amit Sohani, would like to “Thank you” for the knowledge imparted to us pre and post pregnancy and child birth. I have a little baby angel named “AADYA” who is 5 month old.

- Vidya Sohani

I started my association with you professionally with the pregnancy of my 1st child Miit who is now almost six and continued with my younger child Dev who is almost 2. The objective of a child birth class was to get information to have an extremely healthy pregnancy. This was met in a holistic way....Read More

- Rashmee Bhatia-Gajra

Breastfeeding was something that I surely wanted to do for my baby but didn’t know there were so many intricacies to it.

- Anuja Kothari

I am from a country(Germany) where the health and social system is pretty much developed. When a woman is expecting a baby then she has the security of support not only from her family but as well as from the doctor and also from a midwife which is much more important....Read More

- Olga Isaak
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