Breastfeeding was something that I surely wanted to do for my baby but didn’t know there were so many intricacies to it.

- Anuja Kothari

I am from a country(Germany) where the health and social system is pretty much developed. When a woman is expecting a baby then she has the security of support not only from her family but as well as from the doctor and also from a midwife which is much more important....Read More

- Olga Isaak

Dr. Manisha Gogri is an angel for me - be it in the role of a child birth educator or a lactation consultant. She was the one who always encouraged me to continue breastfeeding without being worried for my baby. Just a few minutes of discussion with her and I would feel relaxed, all my worries gone. Loads of love n blessings....Read More

- Kajal Dhage
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