I was introduced to Dr. Gogri in my second trimester when we found out that we were expecting a cleft affected baby.
Feeding a baby with additional needs comes with its own challenges. My goal was Antenatal Colostrum banking and Exclusive Pumping for my daughter. Dr. Gogri was absolutely fabulous in rendering us the support and assistance required to make sure our baby thrived well. She was always patient and gave us all the time we needed to have our questions answered thus, expressing her support unconditionally and She continues to do so as I inch ahead in my journey.
I strongly recommend Dr. Gogri for parents and mothers who wish to meet their personal goals under correct guidance, care and motivation.
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- Nameeta Sohoni

I strongly recommend Dr. Manisha. Eight years back when I had my first baby, Inspite of all the remedies followed as per old ladies tales.....I cud not breast feed my baby. He had a sallow latch. Which I wasn't aware at that time. So I could not feed him enough and eventually gave up breast feeding. But with my second I was adamant on breastfeeding and then I hot in contact with Dr. Manisha.......this time also I had issues as all new mothers have......specially being a diabetic mother......but thankfully Dr. Manisha gave me very useful tips to improve lactation and also recommended me to dietitian who gave me a fab lactation diet. Now I am successfully exclusively breastfeeding my baby and thanks Dr. Manisha from the bottom of my heart for her timely valuable advices.....god bless her....Read More

- Rushali More

You want to have a stress free breastfeeding and smooth weaning, not possible without Dr. Manisha's guidance. She makes life simpler and happy in post natal period. Her vast knowledge and experience as lactation consultant is awesome....Read More

- Dr. Sheetal Patel

I met Dr. Manisha Gogri when I was pregnant in 2009 and wished to attend her pre-natal classes. So I went ahead meeting her and found her extremely radiant full of positivity and spreading good vibes around. I decided to take up the sessions and as I started attending the sessions I for sure knew that I would be benefitted greatly from getting the knowledge. She helped me so nicely during and post pregnancy too. Specially all my breast feeding queries were solved with not one single question left unanswered. I followed all that she taught me to have a smooth breastfeeding journey with my little one and I am proud to say that I breastfed my son for 2 years!!!! All thanks to Dr. Manisha for this. Not only is she an excellent lactation consultant but a superb motivator, friend and my mentor. Right after I had my little one she helped me pursue lactation counseling and I did take it up under her guidance and motivation - and today I too counsel moms like her and I can't thank her enough for introducing me to this wonderful world of moms and babies. I greatly recommend every new mom to take up ante natal classes and if possible meet Dr. Manisha Gogri once for sure when you are pregnant. It will change your outlook on pregnancy and motherhood....Read More

- Dr. Nirali Shah
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