I have attended fit for birth during my pregnancy and must say it was tremendously supportive and relieving to know what one was experiencing was natural with all supported scientific data. These regular classes pumped up the energy to not only survive through the odds but to give the best to your little bundle of joy. And it doesn't stop there...it also educates on what to expect and how to give your best... Dr. Manisha you have been a silver line in my pregnancy and beyond...thanks so much....loves... a decade back but still feels fresh...some moments can never be forgotten....highly recommended nourishment for ones pregnancy......Read More

- Seema Dagha

Being first time mom can be very very taxing and Dr. Manisha was my one stop solution to all the baby related queries.
Her classes fit for birth and her la leche league mom baby meeting were very beneficial. Also her repeated reminder and encouragement for breastfeeding has helped my kids immensely. ...Read More

- Dhehal Chhadwa

Dr. Gogri held a breastfeeding and weaning workshop with my group of mums in Powai. She was very informative and we all left having learnt a lot about breastfeeding and also about baby led weaning. Thank you Dr. Gogri I'm hoping to host another meet up soon on the topic....Read More

- Camille Cathelin-Henning

I often refer clients to Dr. Manisha. She has years of experience and has helped thousands of mothers with the problems they have encountered with breastfeeding. These days giving birth can be such an ordeal and the practices followed in the majority of urban hospitals enhance and lead to many medical interventions that do not bring about that natural and spontaneous breastfeeding encounter. They also push formula feeding which is USUALLY not needed at all! I recommend meeting Dr. Manisha BEFORE your birth so you can get relevant and evidence based information from an expert you can trust....Read More

- Lina Duncan
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