Private Lactation Consultation

Dr. Manisha Gogri can:

  • Show you how to position and latch your baby
  • Help you breastfeed after a Caesarean-section
  • Help with low milk supply issues
  • Guide you how to breastfeed twins, or tandem nurse your babies
  • Help address most breastfeeding concerns by antenatal counselling
  • Help find solutions if breastfeeding is uncomfortable or not working well at first
  • Help deal with problems such as flat, inverted nipples, pain, engorgement, mastitis, etc.
  • Help you manage breastfeeding after you return to work
  • Help you feel confident that you can breastfeed for as long as you and your baby want
  • Help with relactation where mother has stopped breastfeeding but wants to get the baby back to breast
  • Help adoptive moms and those having babies via surrogacy to establish the breastfeeding bond by inducing lactation
  • Help in learning how to feed a premature baby, or a baby with special needs, post-surgery or in NICU
  • Help parents of babies with tongue tie and other oral restrictions to achieve breastfeeding goals
  • Help in timely transition to healthy complementary foods
  • Give infant nutrition advise and growth monitoring
  • Discuss gentle weaning methods when you and your baby are ready

One-on-one personalised lactation support in a cosy, homely modern lactation clinic.

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