I received ma'am's reference when I was in a very hopeless place in my breastfeeding journey. There were endless feedings hours, formula top up, stress and above, an unhappy baby. But ma'am gave us correct diagnosis and the results were evident within 15 days. Now I'm exclusively breast-feeding and my baby is much happier. The best part about her treatment is her realistic approach towards a breast feeding mother. Unlike recommendations from other LCs whom I had consulted before, ma'am helped me to gain some time to rejoice my motherhood. Otherwise I was stuck in the endless loop of feeding, pumping and managing the supply. I would recommend her guidance to every new mother and an expecting one....Read More

- Bageshree Mahajan

I'm a mom of a 29 weeker preemie who was in the NICU for about 53 days. Without having the baby with me it was way more difficult for me to keep up with the breast milk supply, and getting connected with Dr. Manisha Gogri was lifesaving for us. We got in touch at the point when I could not provide enough for the baby although it was a very small quantity. I was super stressed about how to make up for my baby's feed when the production was very low and he could not tolerate formula feeds (had NEC) . Dr. Manisha was super professional and guided us through it all. I don't know what I would do without her guidance. Call with her was insightful, she educated us on everything related to breastfeeding/pumping, different ways of expressing, choosing the right pump, ways to regulate the supply, right feeding tools and dos and don'ts of everything. She even checked if the baby was having a proper latch. All the information and guidance was super helpful. I wish I would have contacted her a little before and I would not have to go through all the stressful time and all other low supply problems. Thank you for everything Dr. Manisha, things would not have streamlined without your help....Read More

- Syeda Hajira Banu, Nutritionist

Dr. Manisha Gogri is hands down the best IBCLC available in India. She helped me breastfeed my surrogacy baby when I had never ever breastfed before. I’m greatly indebted to her for making my induced lactation journey possible. She takes time listening to you and your whole history. She is very compassionate and patient. Always replied to my texts and calls and attended to my emergencies quickly. An excellent doctor with vast knowledge. So glad I found her. I strongly recommend her to everyone out there !!...Read More

- Naina P

“Your supply is not sufficient for your baby” the most hurtful words for a new mother.. I was told this by my baby’s pediatrician.. my baby did not gain back his birth weight up to 20 days.. the pediatrician suggested we start formula as my milk was insufficient.. deep down I knew that was not the case and so I changed 3 pediatricians but all gave the same answer.. one fine day, fortunately, I stumbled upon Dr. Manisha's profile and decided to visit her as I was adamant on not giving formula to my baby.. finally she could not only diagnose the issue but also helped us in the entire process up until now. We realised that my baby had tongue and lip tie due to which he couldn’t feed well and that we needed to get it released. With her help we could get that done and everything went well and now I’m exclusively breastfeeding my little one.. Dr. Manisha has been an angel in my breastfeeding journey. She ensured the latch was well. She was so calm and patient, always answered silliest of queries. I’m really grateful to have found her and would highly recommend her. ...Read More

- Bonny Pasad, Nutritionist
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