Breastfeeding without birthing

Breastfeeding without birthing

After two preterm labours and death of our infant babies.. me and my husband opted for surrogacy to have a baby. Even though I was very happy when our surrogate was pregnant with our baby one thought of not able to breast feed my baby was bothering me a lot. Actually after two of my pre term deliveries I had ample amount of milk which had to be stopped with medication. So now the thought of having my own baby and not able to feed was very saddening. Thus I started searching on internet if it is possible to induce lactation in a woman. To my surprise I found few articles which mentioned this can happen. Few months went by and my surrogate was in 5th month of pregnancy. One fine day in a WhatsApp group someone put a lactation specialist number. It was Dr. Nirali’s number. I immediately called on that number and explained my story to her and curiously asked is it possible for me to feed my baby. I was so surprised to hear her reply. She assured me yes it is definitely possible. Then she introduced me to Dr. Manisha Gogri. Dr. Manisha immediately started my treatment as already surrogate was into 5th month of pregnancy.  She was so confident and hopeful that yes it will happen. Even though we weren’t sure about the quantity of milk.

Due to Covid restrictions all our sessions were telephonic video calls. Still she did her best to help me with this. In coming months my body started preparing milk and was ready to feed my little one by the time of his arrival.

I still remember the magical moment when I held my baby in my arms for the first time. The doctor there in hospital prescribed me some formula milk for my baby. I said no I can feed my baby. My baby latched on the moment he was put on my breast and started feeding. I continued medication and was constantly in touch with Dr. Manisha. I exclusively breastfed my baby till 6 months. my baby turned 8 months today and I am still continuing to feed him. I haven’t given him any formula. Even now I have good supply of milk to feed him. Touchwood !!

Once I started feeding him even I was adamant that I won’t give him formula. In addition to Dr. Manisha’s medicines I had good foods which helped me produce more milk so that  baby shouldn’t go hungry. 

This is my lactation story which happened only because of Dr. Manisha. She came as an angel in our lives. Thank you once again Ma’am.  You made this happen which I never thought. Thank you.

- A Grateful Mother