Dealing with Posterior Tongue Tie

Dealing with Posterior Tongue Tie

I am writing this post to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Gogri.

My daughter had issues with breastfeeding from the very beginning. She was never able to latch on my breast properly, due to this breastfeeding her was extremely painful and I used to dread feeding her. I had to feed her expressed breast milk around 10-12 times on a daily basis as she would remain hungry even after being on the breast for hours. Pediatricians said everything is fine and recommended to start formula along with expressed breast milk.

Multiple consultations with different pediatricians, gynaecologists and lactation consultants was unable to resolve this issue. Gradually we started getting worked up as we realised that there is definitely some problem which needs attention. We got in touch with a paediatrician based in Malad who then referred us to Dr. Gogri. This is how our journey started with her when my daughter was 3 weeks old.

I knew that my daughter was in safe hands the day I first met her. She realized my pain and didn't chide me for feeling helpless. She was the first professional that actually listened to what I had to say. She validated everything I had experienced and did not dismiss my concerns. The patience with which she examined my daughter and finally diagnosed that she has a posterior tongue-tie which is the root cause of all of her problems gave me the assurance that I was at the right place. She explained me in detail how posterior tongue tie can affect breastfeeding and I was immediately able to relate it with my daughter's ongoing issues. She was extremely patient in clearing all my doubts.

There was a visible difference in just 2 days in our daughter's latch after doing the tongue exercises recommended by her. Looking at the improvement, we decided to proceed with frenectomy surgery which she had strongly advised for. We had our apprehensions in the beginning but the reassurance we constantly received from her, helped us take the plunge. Frenectomy was done when my daughter was 4 weeks old. Dr. Gogri came to the surgery with us and was always available over the phone even after the procedure was completed and guided us about the post operative exercises.

After the surgery there was no looking back. There was a visible improvement in our daughter's breastfeeding behaviour. We stopped formula completely and moved to exclusive breast feeding. She has already completed 4 months now and going strong.

All thanks to Dr. Gogri for being the saviour in our life. Without her I would have never been able to breastfeed my baby for so long. She does her duties with due diligence, utmost care and empathy. I wish her all the best in life. I wholeheartedly recommend her to every parent who wants nothing but the best for their precious little ones.