Overcoming Post-partum Depression

Overcoming Post-partum Depression

Childbirth is not an easy experience at all. Especially these days with an overwhelming influence of social media we tend to see only the fun bits. For instance, a mom posing with her newborn, a daddy clicking pics of his baby's little feet and so on. No one really tells you of the hard parts. Breastfeeding is one of them. 

I had my baby boy (Sagnik) on October 30th 2018 through a C-section and almost immediately fell into post-partum depression. It is a very real thing. It is chemical and hormonal and any one can be susceptible to it. Together with the pain of stitches, feeling overwhelmed, and almost no sleep... breastfeeding took its toll. I was almost on the verge of weaning my baby and moving onto formula thinking that will ease my state of mind. 

However I didn't and I have Dr. Gogri to thank for it. She counselled me, guided me, listened to me and most importantly did not trivialize my pain and take a fundamental stand that "no don't come to me if you don't want to breastfeed". She listened. She understood that here is a person who is a young mother and is completely overwhelmed and lost. She explained to me detail about everything there is to explain about breastfeeding, about how eventually it won't seem so daunting, about how my baby and I will find a rhythm and that IT WILL GET BETTER!

And lastly, she put no pressure on me. She said she would support any decision I took so long as it is from a calm mind. I have literally sent Dr Gogri panic messages in the middle of the night and she has seen me the next day. 

And today I am a confident mother who is proudly breastfeeding her baby! My baby and I have synced very well. As he is growing up, his gaps between his night time feeds are also increasing! I am able to sleep. I am even finding time to go the parlour (with effective time management)!

If you are a new mom, please do meet Dr. Gogri once. Trust me, she will be there for you!

Arunima and Anirban