I am very thankful to Dr. Manisha Gogri. My baby was 10 days old but unable to feed, we tried every possible effort to breastfeed him. After a lot of confusion and different different advice from the nurses and aunties finally we sought Dr.Manisha Gogri help and she was extremely patient in explaining not just how to handle the issue but also explain the issue so I could understand better how to tackle it. She has been available to guide me each time I have reached out....Read More

- Fehmida Shaikh

When I first went to see Dr. Gogri, I was literally in tears due to painful breast feeding. She was the first person who patiently listened to me and observed the mechanics of BF and came up with the diagnosis and has supported me in every step since, going out of her way several times. Her authority on the subject, enthusiasm, unhurried approach and her warm compassionate nature set her apart. I would highly recommend her to all new moms, your breast feeding experience is sure to be a more pleasant and enduring one under her guidance. ...Read More

- Madhu Joshi

When we decided to adopt a baby, it was my dream to be able to breastfeed my new baby, just as I had done with my firstborn. Dr. Gogri's enthusiasm, warmth and knowledge helped make my dream a reality. I cannot express the sheer joy and gratitude I felt when my 3 month old latched on for the first time. And this was all thanks to Dr. Gogri who assured me that it could and would happen. ...Read More

- Debkanya Dhar Vyavaharkar

Extremely patient and warm doctor who will listen to all your queries and have solutions to all your problems. Even after the visit if problems exists, she replies even on phone calls. Conducting free seminars on breast feeding issues every month itself says how experienced and helpful she is for young mothers. I would strongly recommend her to all new moms....Read More

- Bhakti Mehta
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